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The characteristics

According to a basic principle of Eastern philosophy, striving for perfection is the only real satisfaction. Our aim is to make others satisfied, too. That is why we are unwilling to make any compromises in planning and the choice of material, and we are constantly testing and developing our aerobatic aircraft.

Our aerobatic aircraft was designed, developed and realised with a team of engineers led by our chief engineer, Dr. Csaba Farkas PhD.

The development did not only rely on our own knowledge: we have taken into account the suggestions and observations of excellent pilots and aerobatic judges as well.

  • An aerobatic aircraft for those who are not satisfied with “good enough”
  • We used the most modern materials and technologies to help you reach your objectives
  • Unique aerodynamics solutions
  • The size and design enable judges to make objective judgments during competitions
  • The cockpit is comfortable even with a build above average
  • Exceptional solidity parametres to avoid compromises during maneuvres
  • Continuous manufacturing support – during the entire life cycle

...born to fly!


by Genevation
or British Aerobatic Academy!

“I have never heard of such great support from an aircraft manufacturer. Having the best aircraft is magnificent but having the best support also is a winning combination.”

Adrian Willis, British Aerobatics Academy

“It will be among the best aircraft in the world in terms of movement, character and features.”

Péter Besenyei, former aerobatic world champion



This is just few variants, configure yours…

  • the seat is shaped according to your build, it has more than 50 positions
  • the size, form and position of flight instruments are developed on the basis of your unique ideas
  • the air injectors of the cabin are positioned according to climatic conditions and your personal ideas
  • the shape of the control panel, the position of flight instruments and the integration of complementary instruments may also be adapted to your personal needs and habits
  • the units displayed on the instruments follow the preferences of the user
uniqueness-variant-3-1024x382 másolat
  • the storage elements in the cabin may be changed, your phone, keys and everything else may be securely placed during the flight
  • personalized aerobatic stick for improved precision during performance
  • exterior painting of the aerobatic aircraft – we fulfill your dreams
  • individual protection cover

“The GenPro is the first aerobatics in the world, which has a socalled a hybrid lattice structure, which means, that the fuselage of the aircraft was maded not only from metal, but also part of the stiffening pipes produced from carbon composite.”

Dr. Farkas Csaba PhD, chief engineer of Genevation

Technical data

Dimensions, weight, speed, engine

Length 6908 mm/22,66 ft
2590 mm/8.5 ft
Span without winglet
7560 mm/24,80 ft
Span with winglet
7994 mm/26,23 ft
Wing area without winglet
10,45 m2/ 112,48 ft2
Wing area with winglet
10.8 m2/116.25 ft2
+/-10 g
Lycoming AEIO-580
4-Pen MTV-14-B-C/C190-130, or 3-pen MT® V-9-B-C/C203-25, or HARTZELL HC-C3YR4NX/NC8302-7x
590-628 kg depending on the configuration
VA-maneuvering speed
174 knots (322 km/h)
VN0-Max. cruising speed
205 knots (380 km/h)
VNE-Max. permissible speed
228 knots (423 km/h)
VS-Stall speed
49 knots (90 km/h)


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