The Genevation Aircraft Ltd. was estabilished with the main goal, that using our own research and development results, we could become a world-leading aircraft manufacturer. Futhermore we want to supply those external customers also, who has special needs for planinng, developing and producing of composite and metal parts, tools and structural elements. This is how our Genevation Lightweight division was created.

We are convinced, that with our experience and knowledge gained from the aircraft manufacturing so far, will be perfectly adaptable in other industries.

Our company characterized by precision, fast adaptability, professional aptitude and market openness. Our business partners are sharing the same opinion about us, who are key players in the aerospace, automotive and military industry.

The boundary conditions of our activity are created by the following quality management system: ISO 9001, AS 9100 (aerospace industry) and the NATO AQAP.

The company’s products are hande over to the customers with a certificate of conformity issued in accordance with transparent requirements, which increases the value, reliability and durability of the products.

The first appearance of the glass fiber reinforcement allowed, that certain types of metal can be replace with the much lighter and stronger composite materals, which were used in the beginning only in military industry. The composites are complex materials, where  two materials with different properties meet and a new substance is formed, which highlights and enhances the beneficial properties of the two materials.

After the spread of the glass fiber reinforcements were followed by the appearance of the carbon fiber and kevlar reinforcements in the ’70s, which complemented by the development of ever better quality synthetic resins, the other industries than military industry started to recognize the big potencial of using composite materials. By now, the industry has become even more complex, because with the more and more type of reinforcement, there has appeared other innovative and efficient core materials (like honeycomb core panel and foams). The combined use of these holds plenty of possibilities, from which most industry players can benefit. The number one advantage of Lightweight is that we can replace metal elements and complex structures with much lighter and stronger fiber reinforced composite materials.

We provide variable services to our clients:

Using our knowledge and expertise from the aerospace industry, Genevation welcomes client’s inquiries to develop, enhance, or manufacture competitive, state of the art components, solutitons and raw materials. With our knowledge base, creative and unique solutions, we can help players in many industry segments.

You are in the right place and right time, if...

you wants unique, high-tech aerodynamic solutions

you are looking for premium quality and maximum security

you are not satisfied with the average solutions

you are looking for a team, with stable professional background

you are thinking of prototype or small series production

you are prefering unique design and manufacturing techniques

in addition to high strength, lower weight, excellent thermal insulation and noise reduction are important to you

We have many years of experience and special expertise in the following areas:

CAE engineering activity

Tool design and manufacturing

Production of composite elements using various technologies

Production of composite and composite-metal integrated hybrid structures

Qualified welding of metal structures

Welding of titanium parts in our argon-filled welding chamber

Cooperation process


Consultation and needs assessment

Design and development



Consultation and needs assessment

Design and development


Full CAE service

Materials we work with


  • GRP, CRP, KRP fiber-reinforced structures
  • Epoxy and polyester matrix system
  • Sandwich structures
  • Glued structures
  • Wet-lay up and prepreg technologies
  • Prototype and tool making


  • Steel (15CdV6 (1.7734), 25CrMo4 (1.7218), 1.4301 / 1.4303 / 1.4305)
  • Titanium (Ti6Al4V, welding of titanium parts in our argon-filled welding chamber)
  • Aluminium


  • Integrated metal-composite structures
  • Metal-composite sandwich panel
  • Vehicle frames and superstructures

Applied development and manufacturing techniques and procedures

Automotive industry

– body elements
– decor and tuning elements
– storage compartments

Aerospace industry

– aircraft parts
– structural elements
– manufacturing tools
– UAV structures and components

General household

– bathtubes
– sports equipments
– decor covering


– metal and composite components of railway carriages

Manufacture of tools and prototypes


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