About Us

Genevation Aircraft Ltd. was established with the goal to build the world’s best aerobatic airplanes using its own research and development capabilities. Part of the company’s goal is to develop and manufacture both composite and metal parts, tools and structural elements for external clients. To accomplish these goals the company has created two divisions: one for the aerospace industry and one for the lightweight supplier activities.

We are committed to using the most cutting-edge materials and technologies to create premium quality products with maximum focus on our customers’ needs. This is ensured by our highly trained engineers and specialists.

The company’s production facility is located at the Sports airport in Jakabszállás, Hungary, where a wonderful natural setting and existing infrastructure offer ideal conditions for the company’s activities.

We tested our aerobatic aircraft for almost 3000 hours on ground and in the air. GENPRO is safe even with maximum load. The rest is up to you…

We are not satisfied with simply being able to take off. From the first screw to the last one, we meet the standards set on the basis of ISO 9001 and AS 9100, specialized for aircraft manufacturing.

The pilot is the most important for us. GENPRO may be tailored to your personality and goals, from the seat through the controls and the dashboard to the aerobatic stick. Our aim is to help you bring out the best in you.

We are not satisfied with simply “good”, so we never stop. We are constantly working, developing and testing. That is why our planes fly in a much wider range that usual, whether in aerobatics or flying over objects.00

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